2017 China (Chongqing) International Preschool Education Supplies and Early Childhood Education Exhibition

by:Ennas      2022-01-01

Preschool Education Joining Expo Time: December 01-03 Venue: Chongqing International Expo Center (Yuelai Exhibition City) [Organizer] Asian Economic and Trade Development Promotion Center China Federation for the Promotion of International Trade Chongqing Private Education Association Preschool Education Committee Shandong Smart Exhibition Co., Ltd. [Organizer] Shandong Smart Exhibition Co., Ltd. [Co-organizer] Wenzhou Educational Toy Industry Association Shandong Linyi Yongxing International Toy City gathers in Chongqing to help the west: According to the national '13th Five-Year Plan' outline, more Coordinate existing policies, measures and projects, implement in-depth strategies for the development of the western region and the rise of the central region, actively serve the construction of the 'Belt and RoadIn the opinion, it is pointed out that the rural pre-school education shall be actively developed. By 2020, the gross enrollment rate of rural pre-school in the central and western regions will reach 70%. Expand the resources of public kindergartens and support kindergartens run by enterprises and institutions to recruit students from the society and provide inclusive services. Support the development of inclusive private kindergartens, introduce support measures for inclusive private kindergartens, adopt measures such as government purchase of services, support inclusive private kindergartens with reasonable fees and standardized management, and improve the guarantee capacity of inclusive private kindergartens. Replenish pre-school education teachers, adopt the model of 'government organization, central park implementation, and voluntary serviceReform the preschool education management system, adhere to scientific care, fully implement the 'Guide to the Study and Development of Children 3-6 Years OldThe important support of the state will be a major turning point for all businesses in the preschool education industry. With state support and national development, the huge preschool education market in the western and central regions will have infinite and huge business opportunities. Exhibition introduction: Zhizhan Early Childhood Education Industry Exhibition will serve the practitioners of the early childhood education industry by virtue of its professionalism, scale and industrialization, and is also an important communication platform for accelerating early childhood education and international and domestic exchanges. It is the first-choice event for kindergarten visits, purchases, and learning, and the best channel for domestic and foreign brands to expand the mainland market. In this exhibition, we expect to integrate the participation of major brand companies, and will invite Haring, Kangxuan Culture and Education, Fangcao Culture, Xiaohajin, Dolphin Media, Sebert, Muwan Family, Hong En, Bofei, Papaya, Major brands and products such as Heikelun, TEPCO, Belcome, Yonglang, Sanye, Lubao, Yingli, Tong Anna, Watsonwei, Golden Cradle and other major brands and products will jointly develop the western market and help the development of western education. This year's preschool education exhibition is expected to reach 400 exhibitors; more than 800 exhibiting brands and more than 40,000 professional visitors will visit. The exhibition area of u200bu200bthis year's exhibition is expected to reach 30,000 square meters. At the same time, various exchange meetings, new product launches, summit forums and other activities will be held to help enterprises achieve their dreams in the west. Exhibits: Smart education in kindergartens: electronic whiteboards, touch all-in-one machines, multimedia courses, projectors, APP software and safety management software, kindergarten shuttle systems, tablets, etc.; kindergarten supporting facilities: school buses, kindergarten furniture, desks and chairs, Outdoor slides, naughty castles, combined amusement toys, children’s castles, inflatable play equipment, children’s play racks, etc.;   Kindergarten decoration design: kindergarten environment design, all kinds of kindergarten plastic flooring, floor mats and artificial turf, etc.; preschool supplies: kindergarten books , Children's publications, school bags, garden clothes, bedding, kindergarten tableware, sterilized wet wipes, stationery, painting supplies, DIY, animation audio and video products, manual courses, game courses, scientific experiment courses, left and right brain development textbooks, etc.; puzzle Toys: building block toys, jigsaw toys, intellectual assembly toys, desktop toys, remote control toys, wooden toy simulation models, etc.; early education franchise: 0-3 years old early education institutions, children training institutions, early childhood education centers, parent-child centers; early childhood education research and development Organizations, preschool education consulting agencies, educational supplies and other franchised chain agencies, foreign language training institutions for children at home and abroad, etc. Reasons for exhibiting: Zhizhan Preschool Education Exhibition provides you with the following opportunities ☆ meet your customers directly to understand their purchasing needs and expand sales☆ Find high-quality buyers, develop new business partners, and obtain valuable sales opportunities☆ Display your latest products, shape your brand image, and enhance the market awareness of your products. Exhibition visitors. Agents, wholesalers, and network agents of toy preschool education products in various provinces and cities in China Domestic toy preschool product franchisees, retailers, and online retailers in various provinces and cities in China, domestic department stores, commercial real estate, and shopping malls in various provinces and cities in China Professional media booth fees for pregnancy and infants: Promotion form: Conference organizing committee contact information: Shandong Smart Exhibition Co., Ltd. Address: Room 409, Smart Park, No. 28, Hualong Road, Lixia District, Jinan Exhibition Manager: Qi Kai 15168861507 QQ: 2650808689 Tel: 0531-83175588 Fax: 0531-83175586 Website: http://www.chinapeexpo.com
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