2017 China Anhui Maternity and Baby Products Exhibition and the first Bengbu Children's Fair

by:Ennas      2022-01-03

Exhibition background: Bengbu is located in the north of Anhui, the middle reaches of the Huaihe River, the intersection of Beijing-Shanghai and Huainan railways. It is an important comprehensive industrial base in Anhui Province. At present, Bengbu is in a period of rapid economic growth and a new starting point for opening up to the outside world. As the country accelerates the implementation of the central region's rise strategy, Anhui Province participates in the Pan-Yangtze River Delta region's division of labor and cooperation in the construction of Hewu-Beng independent innovation comprehensive supporting reform pilot zone, Bengbu itself The advantages of resources and transportation location, industry, and technology will be further revealed, and economic and social development will be further accelerated. With the liberalization of the national two-child policy in 2016, Anhui Province quickly became a key market for maternal and infant industry manufacturers and brands to expand domestic channels by virtue of its population base. In order to better promote the development of the maternity, infant and child industry and promote the optimization of channels, Hefei Jingzheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. cooperated with 'Anhui Maternity and Infant Market NewsThe company held the 2017 China Anhui Maternity and Baby Products Exhibition and the first Bengbu Children's Fair at the Bengbu Convention and Exhibition Center on November 4-5, 2017. Visitors: ØRetailers, franchisees, online retailers, comprehensive maternity and infant chain systems in various regions of Anhui. ØDepartment stores, commercial real estate, stores, and shopping malls all over Anhui. ØFood, clothing, strollers, bedding wholesale markets, purchasing groups, and trading companies in Anhui. ØInvestors and professional media interested in entering the pregnancy, infant and child industry. ØOrdinary consumers, Baoma Wechat Business Group. Business opportunities brought to you: ØMeet directly with your old customers to understand their purchasing needs and expand sales. ØContact high-quality buyers, develop new business partners, and obtain valuable sales information. ØDisplay new products and new technologies, shape brand image, and enhance product awareness. ØUnderstand the market conditions of peers in order to formulate appropriate market plans. ØIncrease the confidence of new and old customers, improve sales performance, and increase market share. ØTrain the team, increase the self-confidence of sales staff, and recruit suitable talents. Ø Increase media exposure and expand publicity channels. Schedule: ØExhibition time: November 2-3, 2017 ØLecture hall: November 3, 2017 ØExhibition time: November 4-5, 2017 ØExhibition time: November 5, 2017 afternoon publicity Promotion: ØPrint media: Promote exhibition information to agents and distributors in 16 cities (counties) in Anhui through channels such as 'Anhui Pregnancy and Infant Market News, The invitation letter is sent to the person in charge. ØOutdoor media: make billboards, banners, and colorful flags in major wholesale markets for pregnant, baby and child clothing in Anhui; push light boxes and electronic screen advertisements in key communities. ØNetwork media: large-scale publicity and promotion on nearly a hundred cooperative network media; more than 50,000 dealer databases invite professionals to visit through SMS group messaging, telephone invitations, etc.; the exhibition news will be released through the QQ group of distributors in various industries to attract Visitors preparing to enter the maternity, infant and child industry. ØNew media: WeChat public platform (ahyyt8888), official website (www.jzabe.com), Toutiao, NetEase, official Weibo, etc. will release the progress of the exhibition in real time, introduce the latest products and industry developments to the professional audience; use hot news to speculate Hot exhibition. Exhibits 1. Nutritional and health foods for pregnant and infants: milk powder for pregnant women and infants, health supplements, maternal foods, slimming foods, baby food supplements, child growth foods and health products. 2. Maternity and infant products and clothing categories: maternity clothing and products, baby souvenirs, nursing products, cleaning supplies, home textiles, baby clothing, shoes and hats. 3. Toys and preschool education products: plastic toys, electric toys, wooden toys, metal toys, plush toys, inflatable toys, flying toys, cartoon toys, amusement machines, early childhood education products. 4. Lathes, car seats and furniture: strollers, cribs, children's furniture, car safety seats. 5. Others: postpartum recovery, chain stores for mothers and babies, and brand authorization. Participation fees (1), booth fees: (2), advertising sponsorship and related activities fees: detailed information is available on request, or consult your dedicated customer service. Participation process 1. Please inform the staff of your exhibited products, and the staff will recommend booths to provide you with relevant consulting services. 2. Fill in the 'Exhibitor Receipt Form3. The exhibition fee shall be paid within 3 working days after the booth is confirmed, and the exhibition fee will not be reserved after the deadline; the organizing committee reserves the right of final adjustment of the booth. 4. E-mail or send you the 'Exhibitor Manual' 20 days before the exhibition to facilitate your participation and dismantling. Exhibitor contact exclusive customer service: Xu Wenqing 13225656671 (same as WeChat) QQ: 1539836121
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