2016 the first haining thyme qiantang international figurines act

by:Ennas      2021-08-18
Core tip: the graph is opening ceremony on September 12, hosted by the government of China society of figurines and haining 'tide the east - — 2016 the first China international qiantang haining thyme figurines exhibition at the scene of the zhejiang haining the picture shows the opening ceremony on September 12, hosted by the government of China society of figurines and haining 'tide the east - — 2016 1st China international small sculpture exhibition 'qiantang haining thyme in haining tide figurines east park in the opening, the opening ceremony held at the same time the grand opening of the' tide of Oriental small statue park '. Haining festival lasted more than three years of carefully planning and repeated proof, to east 'tide' as the theme, by adopting the combination of public solicitation and special invitations, 37 figurine works on display. Exhibition figurines rich in content and material diversity, well-made, by domestic and foreign exhibitors figurines home for haining newly creation and regional characteristic in art department of China figurine society supervision. These figurines will be in haining salt resort tide figurines park east permanent display, become another very famous on the Banks of the qiantang river bore landscape logo, and for the domestic and foreign tourists bring a rich visual feast. The day before the opening ceremony, haining exhibition organizing committee organization awards conference at the scene of the small statue park, the expert group uphold the principle of 'fair, just and open', respectively from the sculpture figurines ontology language highlighted, uniqueness and creativity, the public aesthetic and artistic aspects of the work seriously, selected the exhibition various awards: China figurine institute China figurine award first prize: 'mark of the wind' the author: Feng Chongli; China figurine institute China figurines won the second prize: 'kam bore' author: white for Dong Mingguang; Works of 'the shock wave' author: film, georgi ( Italy) ; China figurine institute China figurine award prizes: 'the concept of' the author: zhang xy; 'A domain' misty rain let life author: luo illusions; In the works of 'the great tide' author: Karl kohl generation ( Italy) , tsinghua university academy of fine arts, vice President of Chinese artists association, vice President of the association, China figurine Zeng Chenggang, haining Sun Haobin deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee and other figurines industry experts and scholars at home and abroad and the haining related departments such as led more than 100 people attended the opening ceremony and grand opening.
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