2016 Beijing's largest preschool education exhibition will be held in November

by:Ennas      2021-12-26

Approved by the Beijing Commission of Commerce, the 9th Beijing International Early Childhood Education Equipment and Supplies Exhibition jointly organized by China Homologous Co., Ltd. and Beijing Hezhong Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be held on November 23-25, 2016 in North Third Ring Road. It was held at Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Jing'anzhuang Pavilion) at No.6 East Road. This exhibition is the largest, most professional and most international preschool education market event in China. The market trend is not only a testament to society and kindergartens paying more attention to the development of children, but also to the government’s strong support for preschool education policies and funds. With the continuous increase of the country’s investment in early childhood education, the market for early childhood education equipment has a huge prospect. With the further development of education and international trade cooperation, the '2016 Ninth China (Beijing) International Preschool Education Equipment and Supplies Exhibition' is hereby held. The contents of this exhibition include: preschool education informationization, early education franchise, children's books, preschool education supplies, kindergarten facilities, educational toys, etc. Relying on its professionalism, scale, and industrialization, it has been highly praised by the large number of early childhood education industry enterprises. It has become China's largest early childhood education exhibition. At that time, exhibitors from many countries and regions will focus on displaying new early childhood education models and new products. It has become an important platform for exchanges between domestic and foreign companies in the same industry, and seeks common development for the preschool education industry. In addition, supporting media: Sina, Netease, Sohu, TOM, Tencent, Xinhuanet, People's Daily Online, Phoenix.com, Alibaba, HC.com, 3158 Exhibition Network, 5068 Animation, Good Exhibition, China Baby and Child Network, Global Maternal and Child, Global Educational Resources Platform, Toy Baba, Toy Central, Exhibition Information Schedule Network, China Apparel Brand Network, China Supplier Network, China Toy Supply and Demand Network, Zhanku.com, Toys Talk, Tongwang, 118 Franchise Network, 959 Brand Merchants Network , Advertising Trading Network, International Franchise Network, Chain Network, Global Franchise Network, First Business Opportunity, China Building Materials Network, Caijie.com, Qianlong.com, 21CN, China.com, CCTV, Baidu, Guangming.com, Chaoshang.com, China News Network, Hexun.com, Tianji.com, First Agriculture Network, Global Network, Ezhan.com, Soufang.com, Kuliu, Ushi.com, Yahoo China, Wanjing Exhibition, iResearch, 56 Video, LIVEUC, Tudou, Internet Weekly, Kupei.com, China Business Telecom, Brand China, China Apparel Brand Network, Public Finance Network, Southern Metropolis Network, Global Finance Network, China Entrepreneurs United Network, China News Collection Network, China Textile Network, Hong Kong Caihua Network , MSN China, Dongfang.com, Shangdu.com, China.com, Baizi.com and other print media: 'Modern MarketingMagazine, Franchise and Chain, Wealth Guide, Modern Wealth Creation, Business Opportunity e Times, The Times, Morning News, etc. Warmly welcome principals, teachers, agents, etc. from all major regions to visit and guide! Visit hotline: 010-83484483
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