2015 China Baby u0026 Children Fair has many highlights

by:Ennas      2021-12-19

2015 Year of the Goat welcomes a good start again. The China International Baby Products Exhibition (abbreviated as: China Baby Products Exhibition) jointly organized by the China Toys and Baby Products Association and the Cologne Exhibition in Germany has reached a new level of internationalization. Featured companies exhibited enthusiastically, and the export-to-domestic-sales factories increased significantly. Compared with similar exhibitions, they had significant differentiation advantages, helping baby and child product distributors to achieve high profit growth ahead of their competitors. As the largest international trade fair for baby products in Asia, the China Baby u0026 Children Fair is on the same stage as the China Toy Fair and the Shanghai International Brand Licensing Fair. In 2015, the overall scale exceeded 144,000 square meters, and there were 1,600 brands at home and abroad. Professional agents and purchasers of baby strollers, car seats, cribs, feeding toiletries, children’s clothing, etc. immediately log on to the official website of China Baby and Children Expo www.china-kids-expo.com for pre-registration, in addition to timely receipt of new brands, In addition to new product recommendations, you can also win a 3-night 4-star hotel accommodation free award. Exhibitors from 30 countries and regions gather to connect with international brands, the preferred platform for international brands. In 2015, the China Baby u0026 Children Fair opened the 'International Brand Pavilion' for the first time, gathering companies and brands from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, including international organizations such as Germany, South Korea, and Taiwan. It also organized a collective appearance of local characteristic brands. At that time, Baby'sOnly, Zooper from the United States, Britax and Joie from the United Kingdom, Cybex and Kiddy from Germany, Naonii from France, Combi, Pigeon, Takata, Richell from Japan, Avionaut from Poland, JANE from Spain, Casualplay, and Inglesina from Italy, will make new appearances, relying on Chinese babies and children. The exhibition expands mature channel providers in mainland China, meets their docking international brand China and regional agency business, and jointly exploits the huge business opportunities of China's childcare products market. Guan Long, the senior investment manager of Yihaodian, said that Yihaodian pays special attention to cooperation with international brands. The China Baby and Children Fair has communicated with many new international companies on the spot, and will reach cooperation one by one after the exhibition. None of the 20 industrial bases is absent. The best channel for purchasing diversified products. Apart from attracting overseas well-known brands to actively grab the beach, domestic leading companies and emerging brands are not to be outdone. Compared with similar domestic exhibitions, another notable feature of China Baby u0026 Children Fair is the industry. The base is the most complete, the proportion of production companies directly participating in the exhibition is the highest, and the factories that sell overseas to domestic sales are the most concentrated. In 2015, it gathered in Dongguan, Pinghu, Pingxiang, Shucheng, Hanchuan, Kunshan, Ningbo, Zhongshan, Cixi and other major production areas of characteristic enterprises of baby products. The products are dazzling and the styles and prices are diversified, which can meet the different types of purchases in different regions. The individual needs of the business. The most famous brand of lathe car seat and the strongest reputation of feeding supplies. The only bridge to successfully expand the source of high-quality goods. China Baby and Child Exhibition, while maintaining its international characteristics, has deepened its professional services. In 2015, it launched the 'baby car pavilion'Baby Furniture PavilionThe centralized display provides unique and high-quality sources for buyers at home and abroad. Tan Chengli, purchasing manager of Sichuan Zhongyi Pregnancy and Baby Products Trading Co., Ltd., said that the brands of cars, beds and seats at China Baby u0026 Children Fair are very complete. The quality and price of the new products on display are very in line with the needs of the store, which is very helpful to our chain development. The integrated launch of new categories such as children’s clothing, washing and nursing provides more business opportunities in the baby market. China Baby u0026 Child Fair insists on enriching the product line and provides more opportunities for distributors to purchase hot new products. Leyou Maternity and Baby Purchasing Manager Liu Rong said that the product line of the China Baby u0026 Children Fair has increased significantly every year, and the results of the visit are very satisfactory! In 2015, the China Baby and Children Fair was on the same stage as the China Toy Fair and the Shanghai International Brand Licensing Fair. For the first time, it introduced partners such as baby and children’s clothing and toiletries. The display categories are extremely rich, and it is bound to be buyers at home and abroad, especially It is a rare one-stop purchasing channel for baby and child products chain stores. The summit forum wishes you to be ahead of your competitors to understand the new trend of global baby products in advance. The China Baby and Children Fair will launch the 'World Trends in China-2016 Global Innovative Products' event at the same time, and will display the top new products of world-renowned manufacturers in a closed manner. Special buyers will be one step ahead. Understand the development trend. At the same time, the site will also show the exclusive display of gold award works such as the China's toy and baby products industry “star” contest, creative design contest, etc., to ensure that you grasp the trend of new products. Yang Baoguang, Manager of Toys and Baby Products Department of Beijing New China Children's Products Store, said that China Baby and Child Fair is not only an exhibition, but also an industry event, successfully leading the industry trend. In the same period of 2015, the China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference was held, bringing together industry leaders, government officials, brand owners, distributors, and retailers from all over the world. Authoritative industry reports were released at the same time, and discussions and keynote speeches on hot topics were launched to improve The business vision of the channel business, the promotion of thinking innovation, and the help to grasp the new direction of the development of the industry. In 2015, the China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition will be held on October 20-22, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. In order to facilitate channel operators to learn about new brands, new product investment and franchise trends in advance, and grasp business opportunities, China Toys and Baby Products Association has launched a pre-registration channel, click http://system.china-kids-expo.com/2015/babycarrier/ visitor/preregc.asp, you can easily complete the pre-registration online in just 40 seconds. Those who successfully pre-register will have a chance to win the lucky prize for free 3 nights in a 4-star hotel. The quota is limited, please report as soon as possible!
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