2015 Beijing's largest preschool education exhibition will be held in November

by:Ennas      2021-12-21

2015 Beijing’s largest preschool education exhibition, the market trend is not only a testament to the society and kindergartens paying more attention to the development of children, but also reflects the government’s strong support for preschool education policies and funds. With the country’s increasing investment in preschool education The equipment market has a huge prospect. In order to promote the further development of my country's early childhood education and international trade cooperation, the '2015 Eighth China (Beijing) International Early Childhood Education Equipment and Supplies Exhibition' is hereby held. The contents of this exhibition include: preschool education informationization, early education franchise, children's books, preschool education supplies, kindergarten facilities, educational toys, etc. Relying on its professionalism, scale and industrialization, it has been highly praised by the large number of early childhood education industry enterprises. It has become China's largest early childhood education exhibition. At that time, exhibitors from many countries and regions will focus on displaying new early childhood education models and new products. It has become an important platform for exchanges between domestic and foreign companies in the same industry, and seeks common development for the preschool education industry. Review of the last exhibition: '2014 7th China (Beijing) International Preschool Education Equipment and Supplies Exhibition' hosted by Beijing Hezhong Exhibition Co., Ltd. and China Homologous Co., Ltd., held in Beijing Exhibition Hall on November 14, 2014 . The contents of the exhibition include preschool education information, teaching materials, books, educational toys, preschool education supplies and kindergarten supporting equipment, etc. The exhibition area was 15,000 square meters, and there were 28 exhibitors, including 257 domestic companies and 29 foreign companies. Gathered together with Kage Group, Kate Le, Happy Paradise, Fujian Younuo, Red, Yellow and Blue, Seven Color Flower, Haijilun, Yitong, Hong En, Sun Preschool, Dollyron, Green Lawn, QOOP, Armstrong, China Cheng Mirai, Nanjing 61, Zhencai, Chicco, Logic Dog, etc.; according to incomplete statistics, the number of visitors to the conference was 38,127. In the visiting group, kindergarten principals, parent-child centers, investors, accounted for about 54.2%; distributors, agents, franchisees, channel dealers, etc. accounted for about 31.7%; leaders of education administration departments of provinces, cities, districts, and counties accounted for about 54.2% Compared with 8.2%, others accounted for about 5.9%. More than 100 media, including domestic and foreign magazines, related exhibitions, and the Internet, carried out propaganda and reports on the exhibition through multiple channels. Consultation 010-83484483
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