2015 7th Zhengzhou Xiangya Pregnancy u0026 Baby Fair

by:Ennas      2021-12-20

The 7th Zhengzhou·Xianya Pregnancy and Baby Products Expo will be held at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 16-18, 2015. The online pre-registration process is launched for this exhibition, and you are sincerely invited to participate! Pre-register online before May, you can enjoy the service of express visiting card in advance, everyone has the opportunity to get a pre-registered gift! Move your fingers, come on! Pre-register online, so many benefits! Receive your visit certificate before the exhibition. It can save you from filling in forms and queuing for certificates after you arrive at the exhibition site; in large-scale exhibitions, on-site registration and queuing may take 15-30 minutes, and you can quickly enter the venue by displaying the 'pre-registration code'; Receive detailed information before the exhibition to facilitate effective planning of the visit itinerary. After receiving your pre-registration information, the organizing committee will provide you with detailed exhibition information, visit reminders, and a chance to get a pre-registration gift through online and offline methods. Online pre-registration is simple and convenient! Online pre-registration. Log in to the official website of Xiangya Pregnancy u0026 Baby Fair (http://www.a18888.com/Ly/ly.aspx), 'Visitor Zone'-'Sign up for visitVisit information; visit details: Wei Wei Tel: 0371-86558578 Mobile phone: 15239287222 Special thanks: Guangzhou Xiangju Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (provided sponsorship: Baby Strawberry Mild Wash 2 in 1) gifts worth 20 yuan, a total of 2000 sets Sponsorship. Special thanks: Zhengzhou Beifang Trading Co., Ltd. (providing sponsorship: Japan Kao, Daiwang diapers) worth 15 yuan gifts, a total of 5,000 sets of sponsorship.
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