2014 Jingzheng·Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition Online pre-registration, super gifts are waiting for you!

by:Ennas      2021-11-29

You are welcome to make an appointment to visit the Jingzheng·Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition! Pre-register online, get a visiting card in advance for free admission, and have more chances to draw prizes! [Online pre-registration, please click] http://www.jingzheng.com/?Active/tqhd_detail/id/4.html For your smooth visit, please fill in the following information truthfully and completely, items with * are required After completing the entry, please click to submit the information, and please print the confirmation letter, remember the barcode or ID number, and be eligible for the lottery. After we obtain your registration information, we will arrange to send the visit card to you in advance. If you have not received the visiting card before visiting the exhibition in person, you can go to the sign-in counter at the exhibition site and exchange for the visiting card with the printed confirmation letter, barcode or ID number. thank you for your support! [Activity time] From now until 12 pm on March 30, 2014 [Activity description] Register now to visit the 19th Beijing Jingzheng·Beijing Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition, complete the online pre-registration, and you will have the opportunity to win many super gifts ! [Award setting] First prize (1 person): 1 Sony notebook computer Second prize (20 persons): 1 Canon digital camera Third prize (50 persons): 1 mini wireless router Participation award: all pre-registered Visitors to the exhibition site can get a beautiful gift , Retailers, etc., enterprises and ordinary consumers are not allowed to participate). Jingzheng International employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate. [Reaching method] The first, second, and third prize draw time: April 3, 10:00-11:00 am. Lottery and prize-collecting location: the exhibition site, south login hall, LED screen in front of the activity area Notification method: on-site Announce the list of winners and notify the winners via SMS. How to receive awards: You need to bring your ID card and professional audience visit card with the words 'pre-registration' to pick it up at the on-site awards office. If I cannot pick it up at the exhibition site before 14:00 on the same day, the winner will be deemed to have automatically given up the award, and the organizer will draw again (14:00-15:00 on April 3). After the exhibition, all the winners will be announced on the official website of Jingzheng. Participation Award: I present the professional audience visit card with the words 'pre-registration' to collect it at the designated prize-receiving office on the spot.
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