'2013NMBE National Maternity, Baby and Child Products Exhibition' invites friends from all over the world to gather in Nanchang

by:Ennas      2021-11-20

The '2013 China (Nanchang) Maternity, Baby and Child Products Exhibition' has attracted the attention of the industry. The exhibition is coming to an end. As of press date, a total of 387 production and sales companies from all over the country will participate in the exhibition, with more than 600 brands on display, appointment registration 6963 people signed up to visit dealers. It is reported that the Nanchang Maternity and Infant Exhibition only arranged 40 buses in Jiangxi Province to pick up dealers in various cities, counties and districts in Jiangxi Province for free to visit the exhibition, reimbursement of the national fare for visiting the exhibition dealers in Nanchang, and provide free three-star hotel accommodation , Free on-site master training, lectures and many other activities, the exhibition service has been made meticulous. At the same time, dealers can visit the exhibition, learn about market information, select brands, and inspect manufacturers, thus ensuring a professional customer base at the exhibition site. According to the person in charge of the organizing committee, the organizers of this exhibition will at all costs, invest heavily, and devote all their efforts to make the Nanchang Maternity and Infant Exhibition 'Exhibit National Products, Sell National Merchants, and Build a National Maternity, Infant and Child Trade Fair' 'Big Platform' industry event! To make an appointment to visit, please log on to the official website of the Organizing Committee (www.nmbe.cn) or call the Organizing Committee (0791-87781111/87782222) to obtain the registration form; make an appointment to register and visit. Professional clients who pass the review of the organizing committee and confirm their identities can get a special guest card issued by the organizing committee, and the certificate can enjoy various free services for high-level customers!
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