2013-2014 Chenghai inventory toy company's annual comprehensive influence ranking

by:Ennas      2021-12-01

According to the latest research results of an authoritative brand research organization in the United Nations by the Guangdong East Guangdong Toys Association Research Group in March 2014, in the comprehensive influence assessment of Chenghai inventory toy industry trading companies from 2013 to February 2014, Baichang Toys The sample inventory department has the strongest overall strength and continues to rank first. The second place is replaced by Sky Stock Toys, which is one place higher than before. The detailed ranking is shown in the table below:   2013-2014 Chenghai inventory toy company's annual comprehensive influence ranking (top 10)   Note: The top 10 of Chenghai inventory toy trading company's comprehensive influence in 2013-2014 is the inventory department of Baichang Toy Factory , Sky inventory toys, Changyuan inventory toys, Xincheng inventory toys, Changle inventory toys, Jinhua toys, Qicheng inventory trading, Jingdian toys, Haoyuan toys, Fengyuanda toys trade; also participating in the ranking: Xinxing Hundreds of stock toy companies, such as stock toys, Ailele Chengjin toys, and Aolong creative toys. Among them, Baichang Toys Factory was the first in the inventory toy industry in 2013 to be awarded the 'Chenghai Top Ten Integrity E-commerce Enterprises' without any suspense. Sky Inventory Toys replaced Changyuan Toys and rose to the No. Second; although Xincheng inventory toys started relatively late, but with its extensive network of local people in Chenghai and strong capital investment, it has actively risen to the fourth place. It is the fastest-improving company. It even looks at the previous ranking. Less than its name; Changle inventory toys also rely on the strong backing support of a large toy factory, and the progress is more obvious. Ranking evaluation basis The ranking is an innovative research, through the use of massive data mining technology, mainly from the company’s product quality, monthly sales volume, site area, number of employees, customer service awareness, customer reputation (including online evaluation), and reputation in the circle , After-sales service, corporate website, Alibaba transaction volume and other parties conduct comprehensive, objective and scientific analysis of the company to provide buyers with an authoritative theoretical basis. Inventory toys are generally sample goods of toy companies, which are the same as clothing samples, shoes and hats samples, and knitting samples. They are sample toys placed on the toy company’s booth by the manufacturer. Customers purchase the same products according to the material, workmanship and characteristics of the samples. Kinds of toys. That is to say, toy buyers do not need to go to the manufacturer, they can basically see the products produced by various toy manufacturers directly when they come to the toy company or exhibition hall. Due to the fast update of toys, manufacturers continue to send samples to major exhibition halls and company sample rooms. As a result, the samples in the exhibition hall cannot be placed, and many samples have to be taken down before they are even put on the shelves. Generally, large companies with a large scale update their samples every two months, while small and medium-sized companies take half a year to one year. Although the color of these fast-updated samples is very new, but the display cabinet sample toys will have some defects in a certain period of time, and the packaging will gradually become old. Due to the excessive variety, they are provided by the manufacturer for free, so regardless of the new or the old All are replaced together to keep the style of the showcase products updated. These sample toys cannot be positioned as new toys because of minor defects. They can only be treated as inventory. However, there are too many varieties and a small quantity of each type. There is only one for many models. If pricing one by one is a troublesome thing, so All the sample toys are sold on a catty basis, so that the industry of selling inventory toys on a catty basis was born.
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