2010 Nuremberg International Toy Fair: There is no crisis in the toy industry

by:Ennas      2021-11-16

The increase in the number of visitors. Consumer goods exhibitions have injected positive momentum into the business. Toy fairs have also promoted international importance. Toys have become more popular under the financial crisis. At the Nuremberg International Toy Fair held from February 4th to 9th, 76,600 professional visitors from 104 countries attended the toy store to purchase goods, an increase of about 2% compared to last year (2009: 75409 name). The 2,625 exhibitors all noticed that traders and buyers were very active and enthusiastic in placing orders. Peter Broegger, general manager of Mattel, said: 'For Mattel, the importance of the Nuremberg International Toy Fair has grown again.' He and other companies found that this year's optimistic market and last year's slightly restrained order numbers are in stark contrast. Contrast. 23.2% of exhibitors said that this year's customers were more interested in buying and placing orders than last year (2009: 9.4%). Among the audience, the proportion of people with decision-making power rose to 86.2% (2009: 84.8%), and 52% of all buyers and traders were from countries other than Germany (2009: 51%). Although the number of German audiences has declined slightly, there are more audiences from France, Britain, Poland, Russia and the United States. The 6-day exhibition showed a new atmosphere, a new beginning, and many adjustments in the exhibition content have also been positively evaluated. At this year's exhibition, the types of baby products have increased. 12.4% of the audience have a strong interest in baby products and toys. Similarly, educational toys and books are also very popular. Exhibitors participating in 'Children's World' are very satisfied with this. It can be seen that the importance of toys to children's physical and mental development will continue to grow. Industry experts from all over the world exchanged opinions at the 'Building Our Future Toy Conference' for the first time. Richard Gottlieb, chairman of the American Toy Expert Association, summarized the consensus they reached at the meeting: 'As long as there are children, traditional toys will accompany the growth of this younger generation. At the same time, the emergence of electronic products in the toy industry is increasing the value of toys. , And will gather children from all over the world in the future.' The first Toy Summit attracted a lot of attention. During the exhibition, many traders called to request a permanent seat at the Toy Summit. Mr. Ernst Kick, President of Spielwarenmesse eG, concluded: 'The successful launch of this summit encourages us to continue to hold this summit.' Similarly, the industry summit has also received a lot of attention, and the industry summit mainly deals with safety instructions and regulations. The comparison of different safety standards in Europe, the United States and Asia shows the need for uniformity, but this will be a long process. Many toy safety activities at the Toy Fair, such as summits with safety testing or testing + inspection centers, also demonstrated the fact that the future belongs to children-but there must be safe and high-quality toys. The reconstruction of the central gate of the Nuremberg Exhibition Center has been understood and accepted by everyone. From February 3 to 8, 2011, the new Nuremberg International Toy Fair will open at this brilliant new entrance. According to the feedback from Nuremberg toy exhibition company SeG China Pavilion, 80% of the companies are satisfied with the exhibition effect and more than 90% of the companies said they will continue to participate next year. More than half of the companies on the scene have reached the expected participation goal, nearly half of them Exhibitors of the SeG China Pavilion booked an application for next year’s participation on the spot and put forward a request to expand the exhibition area. The organizer of the Nuremberg Toys Fair, out of the importance of Chinese exhibitors, in addition to setting up a direct company in China to provide a direct communication and service platform for Chinese customers, this year also did a lot of work for the Chinese exhibition area market, such as designing and building the best booth. , On-site advertising, media promotion, on-site Walking Actor to recruit the on-site audience to flow to the Chinese exhibition area. At the same time, the conference also awarded outstanding medals to Chinese companies with good product brand image and exhibiting image to encourage more Chinese companies to continuously improve their products. Brands to enhance the image of the entire Chinese exhibition area. These activities have directly or indirectly improved the effectiveness of Chinese companies participating in the exhibition. Link: The Nuremberg Toy Fair is located in China. The subsidiary of the world's largest toy fair-Nuremberg Toy Fair organizer Spielwarenmesse eG, in order to better serve Chinese enterprises and open up the Chinese market, was established in Shanghai in January 2010 Its first wholly-owned wholly-owned overseas subsidiary, Speihua Exhibition Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was formerly the Shanghai representative office of the Nuremberg Toy Fair in the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This important move by the organizer of the Nuremberg Toy Fair reflects its importance to the Chinese market and customers. It is hoped that this move will not only provide Chinese customers with more direct and efficient services, but also attract more potential companies to participate together. The Nuremberg Toy Fair opens up the European market.
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