by:Ennas      2021-07-31
Core tip: contemporary figurines industry as a kind of cultural creative industry, get more and more attention and affirmation, in the mass cultural demand growing today, contemporary figurine art fair for Chinese contemporary figurine art contemporary figurines industry as a kind of cultural creative industry, get more and more attention and affirmation, in the mass cultural demand growing today, contemporary little statue art fair for Chinese contemporary sculpture artists, youth figurines, universities and the related enterprises institutions to provide a communication platform, to promote the sustainable development of figurines industry in fujian province and even the whole country. China ( Xiamen) Contemporary figurines based on contemporary art industry exhibition figurines industry development, we sincerely invite more than master of art, contemporary figurine hundred pieces at xiamen art gallery. Statuettes show will be divided into contemporary artists exhibition, figurine institute of fujian province area, on both sides of the joint exhibition area, the surrounding derivatives exhibit four big exhibition. 's top contemporary artists gathered in small statue, create a high standard of industry awards again invite famous artists in the field of Chinese contemporary figurine art and artists with attendance, creating a contemporary figurine artist sharing festival, not only can the scene objects top small statues of contemporary art, feel the artist's design concept, also have the opportunity to master collection, for the contemporary figurine art lovers and art collectors provide a high-end communication platform. Extend the industrial chain, driving the development of industry transformation through a small statue of IP derivatives products and creative display, for the contemporary figurines practitioners to find new business profit model, creating a new dynamic; Through 3 d scanning and printing technology, presenting methods to find new work, build a set of creative design, marketing, resource sharing platform in the integration of industrial chain. Build a display platform, help the sustainable development of the new generation figurines talent show held every year will gather more and more attention and influence, to help show a lack of opportunities and platform of outstanding talents of new generation contemporary figurine art show its design work, communication design creation concept, so as to raise awareness and influence, help the sustainable development of the figurine art talent, gradually developing contemporary figurines industry personnel. Combination, constructing university-enterprise docking platform for college students, figurine art practitioners, industry related enterprise set up display platform, resources docking, incubation and so on, to improve the quality of works of art. Not only promote the unity of the contemporary figurine art industry in fujian, display figurines academic research achievements, and promote the influence of contemporary figurine art industry in fujian. Open to the public, the share of contemporary figurines contemporary art culture charm figurine art fair as the exhibition activities of public welfare, will be open to the public free of charge, for the public 'zero distance, no threshold' feeling figurine art cultural charm, exert the power of the people's cultural identity, help to improve the artistic and cultural quality of the whole society, promoting social spiritual civilization construction. Exhibition information organizer: xiamen culture media group co. , LTD. , fujian figurine institute, institute of arts co-sponsors: xiamen smart enterprises, new BaiTang ( Xiamen) Culture and arts co. , LTD. , to undertake units: xiamen article wide exhibition co. , LTD figurine artist ( Section) Fu Xinmin Ma Xinbo Huang Lukun Lin Xiangzhong Bai Jiangyi CAI in jiangnan Chang Yue Chen Gangchen chi-wai Cheng Junhua wen-xia zhang rong-hua wu Huang Baozhong wei-wei huang Zheng Qinghai Jiang Hailing him Tian Kongwu war larry LanWenBin climbing Li Genglin bean MinYiMing proprietary pan out the commercialisation of Wang Yanfei yuan less ayoyo group Zheng Mengxue Zhong Zeqi Zhou Hongchen sea shadow Zhou Chi guo-hui wang wan queen haitao Wang Linghua xu Jeff Chen Yihui JianLiHua Yang Shaohao da-zhi liu Yang Fo gold Wang Yupeng YouShunBin Lin Chunzheng clever move ah ling jiang wei-jaw deng wang yanyan mountain Wang Luying fan
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