15 shotguns made by American father to make toys to arm his children

by:Ennas      2021-11-21

Previously, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the United States still has lingering fears. According to a report by the British 'Daily Mail' on November 20, Trier Evans, a man from Washington State in the United States, is the father of five children. In order to prevent kidnapping or similar Sandy Hook elementary school shootings, he was ingenious. The ground stores 15 guns at home and teaches the children how to use them. Among the five children in Trier, 6-year-old Raealonie and Charlisse especially prefer pink shotguns and use them as toys. Like the two of them, the other three brothers and sisters each have their own weapons and regularly practice how to use guns. Among them, 12-year-old Celeste likes semi-automatic pistols because they can shoot ten bullets at a time. The report pointed out that most parents usually avoid the practice of exposing their children to lethal weapons. Therefore, Trier's positive and encouraging attitude is extremely unusual. Regarding the recent vicious shooting incidents, Trier deeply felt that only when people were armed can they build an effective line of defense and ensure personal safety. In the face of gunmen, many people either arrested themselves or committed suicide. Therefore, in his view, only when everyone is armed with guns can crime be curbed.
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