12 meters high ants figurines airborne Shanghai shi jinsong staged in Shanghai 'ant line tzu'

by:Ennas      2021-10-04
Core tip: this may, 12 meters high giant ants figurines 'airborne' in the doorway of the minhang bonhams art gallery. It is reported, this is shi jinsong tzu '' magic all ants solo exhibition of works, one of the more this may, 12 meters high giant ants figurines' airborne 'in the doorway of the minhang bonhams art gallery. It is reported, this is shi jinsong tzu '' magic all ants solo exhibition of works, one of the more variety of' ants 'and' jagged wood 'figurines also will appear in the pavilion. Shi jinsong, born in 1963 in xiamen, fujian province, graduated from fujian normal university fine arts in 1988, is China's small statue committee, director of China artists association, member of fujian normal university, director of the institute of contemporary art. The exhibition mainly showed Mr Shi jinsong 'migration' and the 'tree of wood' two series of covers painting, video, photography, interactive installation, public figurines and indoor figurines and other forms. In shi jinsong's view, the image of the 'ant' in a specific sense represents a group or mass, although each monomer is easy to disappear in the number of the majestic, but in fact every repeat of ants is special, as each individual in the mass, out of humanistic care, they should be 'see', that is to say in the era of collective memory, we begin to pay close attention to individual destiny. He said. 'they buried the gender, age, facial features, and may also exist in the spiritual world, constructed a huge bow to accept the small gesture, making their territory is everywhere. Their default of their own identity, foraging, patrol, migration, bear, its process continuous replication, making them the vitality of sustainable and sprawl. This almost zen-like 'tao', is the fundamental meaning behind the ants live. 'And the present, globalization brand the most times in the collective action is one of the' migration ', in shi jinsong's view, the 'migration' of the flesh and the cultural conflict has been accompanied by Chinese contemporary art in the face of one of the important issues. 'And the' ants 'and' jagged wood 'series ZuZhan together, it has a profound significance now. 'Said the curator Zhang Zikang argues that' ant 'represents the active migration,' jagged wood 'represents the passive migration, two evocative symbols of artists continuously explore' migration 'theme, designed to call all the individuals in the respect for The Times and life history. Zhang Zikang, said shi jinsong by ants series works actively face on one hand, on the other hand, through the jagged wood series presents a sober reflection, the two contrasting emotions work occupied the whole exhibition of two aspects, also reflected the experience with nature, sense and sensibility, national and local, and many other sexual tension. It is reported that this exhibition will continue to 24. In addition, bonhams gallery was exhibited the characters of dunhuang - — 1650 dunhuang festival ', by the dunhuang academy official selection, concentration 1650 dunhuang art murals painted sculpture and kucha and dunhuang letter of exhibits on display for the first time, with the 3000 ㎡ sand, airborne gallery of dunhuang sand plant, bring more audience immersion experience of dunhuang art. ( Disclaimer: the article I net reprint, aims to provide readers with more news and information. The content involved advice does not constitute investment, consumption, only for readers reference. )
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