100,000 square meters, the top ten pavilions, China Toy Fair has significant advantages in industrial clusters

by:Ennas      2021-11-20

In 2013, the 12th China Toy Fair will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 15-17. This year the scale of the exhibition will continue to expand, especially with more than 10 production area pavilions, acting as an agent for the industry at home and abroad Business negotiations on brand cooperation and wholesalers’ development of new product sources have provided rare channels, which have greatly promoted the clustering development of China’s toy industry. In the past twelve years, a major feature of the China Toy Fair that distinguishes it from similar domestic exhibitions is that the production area has the highest concentration. Each session has more and more production area pavilions joining the China Toy Fair camp, taking advantage of the opportunity to focus on displaying the image of the production area. Promote regional brands. This year, Guangdong Chenghai Plastic Toys, Dongguan, Shenzhen Electronic Toys, Zhejiang Yunhe Wooden, Pinghu Baby Carriage, Yongjia Amusement Equipment, Jiangsu Baoying Educational Toys, Fujian Jinjiang, Shandong Gaomi Plush, Anhui Shucheng, Hebei Pingxiang Baby Carriage, etc. continue to be integrated Debut. New exhibitors and new brands accounted for more than 20% of the current China Toys Production Area Pavilion. More new toy products of different levels and suitable for different levels of urban markets will be displayed, with irreplaceable policies, design, craftsmanship, talents, and Inherent advantages such as network and logistics ensure that buyers grasp new product trends in the first time and enjoy convenient ordering and complete after-sales and other supporting services. In addition, this year the China Cultural, Educational and Sporting Goods Association also participated in the China Toy Fair for the first time, actively organizing the appearance of key enterprises in the cultural, educational and sporting goods industries. Brands with industry influence such as Zhencai and Kangda will make new appearances. Create a brand image and get to know more industry buyers, agents and other partners. At present, the China Toy Fair has launched the buyer pre-registration service. All pre-registered professional visitors can directly go to the pre-registration counter at the China Toy Fair site with the pre-registration ID code to quickly receive the visitor badge, free conference catalogue, and exhibition guide. Free snacks and beverages can be enjoyed in the buyer’s lounge area.
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